Thursday, September 27, 2007


Cuban Democratic Directorate
San Salvador, September 26, 2007.

During a visit to the city of San Salvador on September 19th, Salvadorian political leaders, and particularly members of the ARENA party, offered their support for the Cuban internal opposition and pro-democracy exile organizations in their struggle for change in Cuba. Laida Carro, from the Coalition of Cuban American Women, Pedro Peñaranda of Municipios de Cuba en el Exilio, and Calixto Navarro of the Cuban Democratic Directorate met with Miguel Tomás and José Mauricio Gutiérrez, Executive Director of the National Council and Administrative Officer, respectively, of the ARENA party to inform them of the current situation of the internal opposition and the activities that are being carried out in Cuba. The Cuban exile representatives also spoke of the human rights violations that are committed daily, both in and out of Cuban prisons. The Salvadorian political leaders brought forth ideas and initiatives to raise consciousness in their country and throughout the world about the realities of life in Cuba. As part of this initiative, the political representatives invited the Cuban delegation to participate in a radio show with Raúl Beltrán Bonilla on Radio YSKL, La Poderosa, during their stay in El Salvador. During this show, they spoke of the non-violent civic struggle that is being carried out in Cuba and the strong support Cubans on the island receive from Cuban exiles and the international community. Near the end of their visit, Carro, Peñaranda and Navarro were able to exchange ideas with youth from the ARENA party who were interested in learning about Cuban history and especially about youth involvement in the Cuban opposition movement. The youth shared important ideas, focusing on the responsibility and duty of the youth in a country’s democratic future.

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