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CUBA: VIDEO/ Acts of torture against peaceful activists 12-2-2011

Testimony of HENRY PERALES ELIAS (27 years old), member of the pro-democracy group UMPACU, (Union Patriotica de Cuba)  who was one of about 50 human rights activists who were brutally beaten and arrested on December 2, and imprisoned for several days in inhumane conditions.
The peaceful activists were going to continue the National March for Freedom Zapata Boitel Vive! when paramilitary groups surrounded the home of Liudmila Rodriguez Palomo located at: Calle Crombet #204, entre avenida Libertad y Remus in the Eastern city Palma Soriano in the province of Santiago de Cuba, where they were gathered. As each activist came out marching with their hands behind their backs they were brutally beaten, many needing sutures, such as was the case of Henry Perales.
Recorded in Cuba by the independent journalist Roberto de Jesus Guerra:!
(8:53 min.)
Laida A. Carro
Coalition of Cuban-American Women
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CUBA: ACCION URGENTE: Activistas Recluidos sin Cargos
CUBA: URGENT ACTION: Activists Held Without Charge
Lady in White Caridad Caballero Batista Narrates her Arrest After Human Rights Day

Posted by Pedazos de la Isla on December 15, 2011

Countless testimonies inundated independent Cuban news outlets during Human Rights Day, celebrated internationally on December 10th, as well as during the following days. There were vigilance operations, brutal beatings, arbitrary arrests, deportations, and other forms of violence against those who publicly demonstrated on the streets of the island in defense of human rights and against the tyranny from one point to another. In Havana, some of the brutal events consisted of a strong police operation against the Ladies in White who were congregated in the house of their recently fallen leader Laura Pollan. Caridad Caballero Batista, a member of the Ladies in White hailing from Cuba’s East, narrated the details of the violent repression the women faced, from her perspective.

Batista explained that the women were confined to the house on Neptuno Street for three days “without being able to step out because there were two large mob repudiation acts which lasted for hours“. According to the dissident, on Friday December 9th was when the first mob attack occurred at around 4:30 pm and lasted until 8:30 that night. This first display of government-orchestrated repudiation consisted of a mob made up by soldiers and State Security officials. Another act of hate and intolerance took place the following day (Dec. 10th, Human Rights Day) during the morning hours and lasting until 8:30 pm once again.

“During this whole time“, recounts the activist, “Neptuno Street was closed down and the officials were even asking neighbors for ID cards when they would step out of their homes“. Caridad adds that as yet another form of humiliation and aggression, the flow of water was cut for Laura Pollan’s house, the headquarters of the Ladies in White. “They cut the water from the 9th until the 10th, we spent an entire day without showering“.

It wasn’t until that Sunday that the women were able to make it out of the house and onto the street, marching down to Santa Rita Church located on Havana’s 5th Avenue. Upon arriving to the church, other Ladies joined the group and they all assisted mass together. After mass, the Ladies in White carried out another march in which they shouted slogans demanding freedom for all political prisoners and also prayed.

The Cuban Resistance activists decided to take their peaceful demonstration to the nearby park when a bus rapidly arrived, full of State Security officials who, along with numerous police officers, completely closed off 3rd Avenue. “Right then and there, the mobs attacked us“, explained Caridad Caballero.

“As a form of Resistance, we all sat on the street and they surrounded us. We screamed ‘freedom for all political prisoners’ and ‘long live human rights’. After a while of hurling insults at us, they started to physically attack us and drag us, shoving us all in a bus they had waiting for us. They were the same buses used to transport the military mobs for the repudiation act against us. It was very violent“.

Caballero Batista, who was just recently awarded the Carlos Manuel de Cespedes award by the Eastern Democratic Alliance, added that she and the other women suffered “punches, the pulling of hair, and scratches“.

After this initial physical aggression, Caridad was taken to a Unit known as Micro 5. “This unit was completely unknown to me“, she explains, “I was able to find out that it was previously used as a prison and was now a military zone“.

The tireless dissident added that “for each Lady in White from Havana the officials used a police vehicle with 4 policemen in order to simply take one out at a time, taking them to different detention centers. We Eastern citizens were the last to be taken out of the Unit at around 4:30 pm. On the bus back there were 3 of us from Matanzas, 1 from Camaguey, and 6 from Holguin“. During this time, a police guard sat between each woman, keeping them separate and under strict vigilance. Batista was deported back to her native town of Holguin.

“In our case, those of us from Holguin were simply left out in an unknown neighborhood, much before the bus terminal we needed to reach in order to board another bus to arrive closer to our homes. The women from Banes and Moa had had to board even more buses to get to their houses, and when they arrived, it was very late”.

Batista, who has not been able to accept her Carlos Cespedes Award because she was in the middle of a violent arrest, pointed out that “despite all of this, we are fine, and we feel strengthened and stronger than ever. None of these manipulations and techniques will make us step back on our path and desire to struggle for the freedom of our country and for fighting for the liberation of all political prisoners and so that human rights be respected“.

The pro-democracy activist also added that she felt it was interesting to point out that, “the Castro regime constantly broadcasts images of protesters in the United States who are victims of physical aggressions at the hands of police officers. But usually such actions only consist of one or two policemen, but here in Cuba they use 20 men to repress one woman or any other dissident. Those are the images which should be displayed on television, proving how they publicly harass us“.


Caso CUB 191211
El Secretariado Internacional de la Organización Mundial Contra la Tortura (OMCT) solicita su intervención
MUY URGENTE ante la siguiente situación en Cuba.
Descripción de la situación :

El Secretariado Internacional de la OMCT ha recibido con grave preocupación informaciones de fuentes fidedignas entre ellas de Antenna Internacional, organización miembro de la Red SOS-Tortura de la OMCT, sobre las detenciones violentas y arbitrarias de la Sra.
De acuerdo con las informaciones recibidas, el 30 de noviembre de 2011, la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano, miembro de las Damas de Blanco1[1], y su esposo el Sr. Ignacio Martínez, fueron detenidos de manera violenta por agentes de la policía mientras participaban en una protesta callejera en el Parque La Fraternidad de la Cuidad de la Habana con una manta que tenía inscrita las frases: "Cese el hambre, la miseria y la pobreza en Cuba".
Ivonne Malleza Galano y de su esposo, el Sr. Ignacio Martínez, ambos activistas de derechos humanos, en hechos ocurridos en La Habana. 1
 Según las mismas denuncias, ambos fueron llevados a la estación de policía de Zanja en La Habana. De allí, el Sr. Ignacio Martínez fue trasladado a la Unidad de Acosta. La Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano fue trasladada a un lugar desconocido y detenida durante diez días en régimen de incomunicación. Ambos están actualmente detenidos en el Centro Alternativo de Procesamiento de Detenidos, en La Habana. El personal de la prisión informó a los familiares, que pudieron visitar a la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano y al Sr. Ignacio Martínez el 12 de diciembre de 2011, que están acusados de desorden público, y que la investigación podría demorarse hasta 60 días. Pero, según las mismas denuncias, aún no se les han imputado cargos formalmente.

De acuerdo con las informaciones recibidas, la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano y el Sr. Ignacio Martínez, están realizando una huelga de hambre desde el 30 de noviembre de 2011, día de su detención.

La OMCT manifiesta su preocupación frente a la detención arbitraria de la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano y del Sr. Ignacio Martínez por haber participado en una manifestación, haciendo uso de su derecho a la libertad de expresión y de manifestación. La OMCT condena también el uso de la detención en régimen de incomunicación que fue aplicado a la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano.

La OMCT manifiesta también su seria preocupación por el estado de salud de la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano y del Sr. Ignacio Martínez. La OMCT recuerda que el gobierno de Cuba está comprometido legalmente a asegurar con eficacia la integridad física y psicológica de todas las personas privadas de libertad, de acuerdo con los tratados internacionales y regionales de derechos humanos.

Acción solicitada Favor escribir a las autoridades cubanas urgiéndolas a:
i. tomar de manera inmediata las medidas más apropiadas para garantizar la seguridad y la integridad física y psicológica de la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano y del Sr. Ignacio Martínez, así como de sus respectivas familias;
ii. garantizar el acceso incondicional de cada uno de ellos a sus abogados y sus familias, así como garantizar que ambos sean examinados por médicos independientes y que ambos reciban una asistencia médica adecuada;
iii. ordenar la liberación inmediata de la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano y del Sr. Ignacio Martínez, en caso de encontrarse detenidos en ausencia de cargos legales válidos o, en caso de que estos cargos existan, llevarlos ante un tribunal independiente, competente, justo e imparcial y garantizarles sus derechos procesales en todo momento;
iv. llevar a cabo una investigación inmediata, independiente, exhaustiva, efectiva e imparcial en torno a todos los hechos arriba denunciados, en particular acerca de las circunstancias de la detención de la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano y del Sr. Ignacio Martínez, y que el resultado de la investigación se haga público con el fin de que los responsables sean llevados ante un tribunal competente, independiente, justo e imparcial, y les sean aplicadas las sanciones penales, civiles y/o administrativas previstas por la ley;
v. otorgar a la Sra. Ivonne Malleza Galano y al Sr. Ignacio Martínez una debida reparación que incluya una adecuada rehabilitación y una indemnización;
vi. de manera general, conformar sus acciones a lo dispuesto por los Pactos y Convenciones internacionales y regionales de Derechos Humanos.
Direcciones Sr. Raúl Castro Ruz, Primer Presidente de los Consejos de Estado y de Ministros de Cuba, General de Ejército, y Presidente interino de los Consejos de Estados y de Ministro, , La Habana, Cuba, Fax: + 53 7 8333085 (a través del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores), Correo-E:
Misión Permanente de la República de Cuba ante la Oficina de las Naciones Unidas en Ginebra, 100 chemin de Valérie, 1292 Chambésy, Fax: + 41.22.758.94.31 Correo-E:
Misión Diplomática de la República de Cuba en Bruselas, 77 rue Roberts Jones, 1180 Uccle, Bélgica, Fax : + 32 2.344.96.61, Correo-E:
Dr. Juan Escalona Reguera, Fiscal General de la República, Fiscalía General de la República, San Rafael 3, La Habana, Cuba, Fax: + 53 7 669 485 / 333 164
Señor Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Calzada No. 360 Vedado, La Habana, Cuba, Fax:+ 53 7 8333 085, Correo-E:
Favor escribir también a las Representaciones Diplomáticas de Cuba en sus respectivos países.
Ginebra, 19 de diciembre de 2011
Favor informarnos sobre cualquier acción emprendida, citando el código de este llamado en su respuesta.
General Abelardo Colomé Ibarra, Ministro del Interior y Prisiones, Ministerio del Interior, Plaza de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba, Fax: + 53 7 8301 566
[1] Las Damas de Blanco surgieron espontáneamente en abril del año 2003, cuando un grupo de mujeres sufrieron la encarcelación de sus familiares durante el período conocido como la Primavera Negra de 2003. Cada domingo, las Damas de Blanco hacen un recorrido por las calles de los alrededores de la iglesia de Santa Rita en el barrio habanero de Miramar en absoluto silencio, portando fotos de sus familiares con el número de años que fueron condenados a prisión, exigiendo la libertad de sus familiares.
Detención arbitraria/ Temor por la seguridad


Sunday 18 December 2011 by Front Line

Update – Human rights defenders Ms Ivonne Malleza Galano and Mr Ignacio Martínez Montejo resume hunger strike

15 Decembre 2011
On 12 December 2011, human rights defenders, and husband and wife, Ms Ivonne Malleza Galano and Mr Ignacio Martínez Montejo resumed their hunger strikes in protest at their continued detention.
Ivonne Malleza Galano and Ignacio Martínez Montejo were violently arrested on 30 November 2011 for taking part in a peaceful protest in Fraternity Park in Havana.
On 10 December 2011, Ivonne Malleza Galano, who had initially been held incommunicado, managed to place a call to Ms Mayra Morejón, member of Damas de Blanco, and informed her that she was being held at the VIVAC Processing Centre on Calabazar Street, in Havana, where her husband is also being held.
On the morning of 12 December 2011, several family members of Ivonne Malleza Galano and Ignacio Martínez Montejo were allowed to visit the human rights defenders in the presence of an unnamed security agent who told them that the defenders had been charged with public disorder and that the investigation could take up to 60 days. Ivonne Malleza Galano and Ignacio Martínez Montejo informed their relatives that they had been on hunger strike from the time of their detention on 30 November until 10 December. In the presence of the official who supervised the brief visit, they declared their intention to resume the hunger strike on 12 December 2011. Front Line expresses its concern for the physical integrity of both human rights defenders, who are both reported to suffer from serious health problems.
According to the Comisión Cubana de Derechos Humanos y Reconciliación Nacional (Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation) more than 300 persons were arbitrarily detained since 5 December 2011 in order to prevent them from participating in events to mark Human Rights Day on 10 December. Whilst welcoming the release, on 12 December 2011, of human rights defender and former political prisoner of conscience Mr José Daniel Ferrer García, Front Line reiterates its calls on the Cuban authorities to release all those human rights defenders and activists who remain in detention, including Ivonne Malleza Galano, Ignacio Martínez Montejo, and former political prisoner of conscience Mr Ángel Moya Acosta.
For further information on this case, please refer to the previous appeal dated 8 December 2011.

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December 18, 2011

Two leaders in the peaceful Cuban resistance movement who were released on the week of December 12-18 after being subjected to violent arrests and inhumane prison conditions declared that the Cuban regime is intimidated by the rise and strength of the human rights groups in the island. Jose Daniel Ferrer García (released Dec.12), leader of the umbrella group UMPACU, (Cuban Patriotic Union) in Eastern Cuba, and Angel Moya Acosta (released Dec. 14) who resides in Havana and is the main coordinator of the National March for Freedom, Boitel Zapata Viven! were both beaten and arrested on December 2, 2011 in the eastern town of Palma Soriano as they were setting out to march peacefully with 50 activists:

Video sent from Cuba of repression December 2, 2011:

Both Ferrer García and Moya Acosta are ex-prisoners of conscience of the 2003 Cuban Black Spring who refused conditional freedom and exile to Spain and remained in Cuba after their release from prison in February (Moya Acosta) and April (Ferrer Garcia) of 2011.

Ferrer Garcia says that the peaceful Cuban resistance is presently more organized and has gained visibility among the Cuban people, thus becoming a threat to a regime that is carefully planning ways to stop the activists in spite of the political cost. Moya Acosta stated that the political police is acting incoherently in the face of their peaceful actions and he doesn’t dismiss the possiblity of another wave of repression similar to the one in 2003.

Ferrer García vowed that, though they don’t have a date yet, the third attempt of the National March for Freedom, Boitel Zapata Viven! will go forward. He added that as long as there is no freedom, democracy or respect for human rights in Cuba, the peaceful resistance will continue to activate the march as many times as needed.

The National March for Freedom, Boitel Zapata Viven! originally kicked off from the historical Eastern city of Baracoa on  September 12, 2011, where activists faced the same brutal repression. The march recalls the time when Cuba’s struggle for Independence in 1895 was spread from East to West by the patriots Antonio Maceo and Maximo Gomez. The intention of this march today is to unite the peaceful resistance and its three objectives are that:

1. The Cuban regime respect, promote and publish the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as ratify the international agreements that promote these rights.

2. The repression against the opposition and the Cuban people stop.

3. All Cuban political prisoners are released unconditionally and that the legal framework that propitiates these imprisonments be revoked.

An important premise of this march is that the activists will never accept that their homes become “prisons”. When paramilitary officials surround these homes to prevent the activists from leaving and forcing them to be under house arrest, the activists will come out of their homes and continue carrying out their peaceful actions as planned.

On Sunday, December 18, in spite of the regime’s deployment of agents, a total of almost one hundred Ladies in White atended Mass and marched throughout Cuba in the cities of Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Matanzas and Havana.

The Coalition of Cuban-American Women alerts the international community that the lives of those members of Cuban civil society who are actively and publicly struggling on behalf of fundamental freedoms are in danger. We make an urgent call on religious, civic, political, and cultural entities and its leaders, as well as to non-governmental human rights organizations worldwide.

Coalition of Cuban-American Women / / Laida A.Carro
Facebook page: Coalition of Cuban-American Women
Twitter: Coalition of C-A Women (@COCAW1)

Angel Moya  +5353820595 /
Berta Soler +5352906820                                                                                                     
José Daniel Ferrer Garcia +5353631267   
Belkis Cantillo  + 5353790867

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At least 300 arrests recorded for the current month of December

particular concern for the cases of Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, Angel Moya, Ivonne Mayeza and Ignacio Martinez Montero

December 11, 2011

As peaceful human rights defenders in Cuba carried out marches, vigils, workshops and gatherings on the days prior and during Human Rights Day (December 10), the Cuban regime violated their rights of freedom of assembly, association, expression and of movement with threats, beatings, violent short term arrests, arbitrary imprisonments in undisclosed locations, interrogatories, mob attacks and acts of repudiation, as well as house arrests. These activists were also kidnapped by authorities and left abandoned in remote areas, miles away from their homes.

Among the human rights defenders who were subjected to inhumane and cruel treatment and short term detentions throughout Cuba during the week of December 5-12 are:

PINAR DEL RIO – Luis Enrique Monterrey Ramos, Yoangel Palacios Hernández, Víctor Rodríguez Morejón, Yazle Reinoso Ramos.

HAVANA – Yaimi Alfonso Miret, wife of Eriberto Liranza Romero, representative of the National Civic Resistance Front Orlando Zapata Tamayo in the western region of Cuba was violently arrested in front of his two children, Abraham Liranza Alfonso, 9 years old, and Lauri Liranza Alfonso, 6 years old. His whereabouts are presently unknown

Since Monday, December 5, a wave of repression began against members of the movement Ladies in White Laura Pollan to prevent them from gathering at their headquarters in Neptuno Street #963 in Havana on Human Rights Day. Many of the women were held under house arrest as their homes were surrounded by paramilary groups in their hometowns. Others were violently arrested and taken to police units, while others were blocked from going any further when they reached Neptuno Street. Those who were held under house arrest in their hometowns were: Daima Lamas, Nilda Leiva González, Sonia Martín, Aimé Cabrales, Linda Taguolla, Carina Quintana, Yurenis González, Oria Josefa Casanova, Tania Bandera, Mayelin de la O, Yarisbel Figueredo y Belkis Cantillo Ramírez. The following women were blocked from going on to Neptuno Street: Tania Maceda, Mari Blanca Ávila Esposito, Yadira Rodríguez, Liliam Estévez Romero, Niurkis Rivero, Blanca Hernández, Mirta Gómez, Leonor Reinot, Belkis Núñez y Magalys Norbis Otero. Members of the Ladies in White who were taken to State Security and Police Units were: Marlenis Guerra Martínez, Bárbara Teresa Romero Mendoza, Katiuska Rodríguez Rives, Yusladis Jorge la Guardia, Mildret Noemí Sánchez Infante, Anni Sarrión Romero, Adis Nidia Cruz, Yanelis Elegica Despaigne, Liudmila Rodríguez Palomo, Yaquelán García Jans, Lázara Mijan, Niurks Luke, Florencia Machado, Ana Luisa Rubio, Lourdes Esquivel Vieyto, Sulema Lay, Violeta Rojas Aullan, Sandra Guerra, Ana Rosa Ledea, Reida Villate, Mercedes Fresneda, Yaquelin Boris, Yanelis Cabrera, Laura Capote, Lidia Castañeda, Dania Virgen García, Tatiana López. Most of these women have been released.
On December 10th, twenty eight members of the Ladies in White Laura Pollan, who were gathered to remember Human Rights Day in their headquarters at Neptuno Street were subjected to hours of an “act of repudiation” led by a pro-government mob of 300 people whot kept calling them “witches” and “mercenaries”. On Sunday, December 11th, after 57 ladies attended Mass at the Church of Santa Rita, the women were intercepted on 5th Avenue as they were marching peacefully with gladioli in their hands. A screaming pro government crowd insulted and physically mistreated the ladies who were dragged and forced onto buses. As some were taken to undisclosed locations, those from other provinces were returned to their hometowns. Berta Soler, leader of the group was taken in a patrol car alone, back to her home in Alamar. Rosario Morales and Sara Martha Fonseca were taken to police units.
On December 9, ex political prisoner of conscience of the “Group of the75”, Arnaldo Ramos Lauzurique was blocked from entering the home of another expolitical prisoner of conscience, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello. He was then taken away by State Security agents, as was Dr. Darsi Ferrer and his wife Yusnaimy Soca and the musician, Ciro Díaz.. Lilvio Fernández Luis and Reinier Vera were beaten and arrested on the same day and so was Sandra Guerra in Melena del Sur.
On December 10, the following activists were arrested: Yoel L. Carbonell Guilar, Aurelio Antonio González Ayala, the independent journalist, David Aguila, and Manuel Cuesta Morúa.
A crew of journalists from the press agency Asociated Press who were interviewing the few citizens along the Malecón on December, was roughed up on December 9 by plainclothes agents who were posted along this seaside wall in Havana to prevent any gatherings in this area.
MATANZAS – Félix Navarro and Iván Hernández Carrillo, both ex political prisoners of conscience of the “Group of the 75”. Also, Emilio Bringas, Félix Pérez Palenzuela, Eduardo Marcos Pacheco Ortiz, Francisco Rangel Manzano, Adrian Pérez Mendoza. Under house arrest: Merecedes de la Guardia Hernández, Eduardo Marcos Pacheco Ortiz, José Antonio del Cueto Carreño. Hiding out because her house was surrounded by paramilitary groups: Leticia Ramos Herrería.

VILLA CLARA (Central Cuba) Idania Yanes Contreras, president of the Coalición Central Opositora, reported that since December 7, many of the activists’s houses were surrounded and that more than 40 human rights defenders were arrested: Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez, Librado Linares García, Yris Pérez Aguilera, Yanisbel Valido Pérez, María del Carmen Martínez López, Víctor Castillo Ortega, Maribel Rodríguez Prieto, Yoel Fonseca Machado, Ordalidia González Barroso, Omar Núñez Espinosa, Rolando Ferrer Espinosa, Damaris Moya Portieles, Rodolfo Ernildo Pérez Benítez , Alcides Rivera Rodríguez, Guillermo Fariñas Hernández, José Lino Asencio López, Félix Reyes Gutiérrez, Yasmín Conlledo Riverón, Yusmani Rafael Alvarez Esmoy, Jesús Arístides Hernández Pérez, Roberto Zapata Blanco, Ana Rosa Alfonso Arteaga, Guillermo del Sol Pérez , Orlando Alfonso Martínez, Donaida Pérez Paseiro, Gliceria Paseiro Espinosa, Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera, , Michel Oliva Lopez, Alberto Reyes Morales, Ramón Arbolaez Abreu, Mayra Conlledo García, Nosbel Jomorca Benavides, Yosmel Pérez, Maidel González Almeida, Alexei Sotolongo Díaz, Miguel Alexei Fernández, Ezequiel Enrique López, Héctor Bermúdez Santana, Luis Manuel Ribalca, Martínez, Javier Delgado Torna, Ariel Orama Martín, Mario Abreu, José Rodríguez López, Sandal Reyes Machado, Aniceto Alvarez Miranda, Yoel Regino Díaz Martínez, Daniel de Armas Casanova, Adalberto Bravo del Sol, José Ramón Borges Serrano, Antonio Suárez Fonticella, Alexander Mesa Rodríguez, José Marino Andrade Treto, Leonardo Rodríguez Alonso, Magaly Broche de la Cruz, José Soto Roche, Jesús Reinaldo Rodríguez Peláez, Guillermo Sánchez Blas, Donaida Perez Paseiro and Gliceria Paseiro Espinosa. The activists belonged to the following human rights groups in Villa Clara: Coalición Central Opositora, Foro Antitotalitario Unido Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia, Frente Nacional de Resistencia Civica y Desobediencia Civil Orlando Zapata Tamayo and the Movimiento Cubano Reflexión.

Many of these arrests were very violent. Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez was punched and kicked on the ground before being forced on to a patrol car.

On December 9, in Camaguaní, Villa Clara the house of Librado Linares, an exprisoner of conscience of the “Group of the 75”, was surrounded and he was eventually arrested. Felix Reyes was also subjected to an arbitrary arrest in Villa Clara.

CAMAGUEY - The following activists were arrested on December 6 and taken to different police units when they were carrying out a silent peaceful march to remember human rights day: Yoan David González Milanés, Mauro Emilio Puig Arrondo, Juan Luis Pérez García, Verlay Bejerano Estrada, Guillermo Rodríguez Rodríguez, Pastor Guzmán Gutierrez Peláez, Rafael Infante González, René Fernández Quiroga and Dayan Mayor Betancourt. The last two were reported abandoned 30 kms away from their home were they were brutally beaten by agents.

LAS TUNAS – (Eastern Cuba) - Armando Peña Guzmán detained early December 10th.

HOLGUIN (Eastern Cuba) - The independent journalist José Ramón Pupo Nieves of the Holguin Press agency reported that at least 23 arrests took place on December 7, that included members of the human rights organizations: Impacto Juvenil Republicano, Prensa Joven, Partido Republicano de Cuba, and FLAMUR. Among those arrested were: Rosa María Naranjo Nieves, Lidia Hernández Pérez, Dionel Aguilera Naranjo, Maria Antonia Hidalgo Mir was threatened by the police.

Adisnidia Cruz and Marco Antonio Lima, parents of Marcos Maiquel and Antonio Michel Lima Cruz, two young activists serving prison sentences, were also arrested on December 7.

BAYAMO (Eastern Cuba) - On December 7, Yoandri Gutierrez and his family were subjected to an act of repudiation and were later arrested. Yaquelín García was subjected to a brutal beating and to short term detention.

GUANTANAMO (Eastern Cuba) – Rosaida Ramirez reported that the activists Rogelio Tabío, Roberto Carlos Corso and Yordis Sofia were beaten and detained.

MANZANILLO (Eastern Cuba) – Osvaldo Pérez Rojas arrested without information of his whereabouts on December 9.

The whereabouts of Cuban prisoners of conscience, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia and Angel Moya of the “Group of the 75”, as well as of the human rights defender Jorge Cervantes are presently unknown to their families. These three activists were violently beaten on Friday, December 2nd as they were initiating the second stage of the National March for Freedom: Boitel Zapata Viven!, alongside 50 human rights defenders (released) in the Eastern City of Palma Soriano. The political police will not tell the wives of these activists where their husbands are being held prisoners nor their states of health.

After a week and a half without knowing her whereabouts, the Lady in White, Ivonne Mayeza was located at the “Centro de Procesamiento Penal” at Calabazar Avenue in Havana, where her husband, Ignacio Martinez Montero is also being held in critical health with a heart ailment. Mayeza carried out a hunger strike for about 10 days to protest her arrest. Both activists were violently detained following a peaceful protest in the Fraternidad Park in Havana where they displayed a white sheet that read: “Down with Hunger, Misery, and Poverty”.

As the year 2011 is coming to a close, the Coalition of Cuban-American Women alerts the international community that the lives of those members of Cuban civil society who are actively and publicly struggling on behalf of fundamental freedoms are in danger. We are particularly concerned in Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, Angel Moya, Ivonne Mayeza and Ignacio Martinez Montero. International recognition of the peaceful resistance and solidarity for those human rights defenders is crucial. We make an urgent call on religious, civic, political, and cultural entities and its leaders, as well as to non-governmental human rights organizations worldwide.

Coalition of Cuban-American Women / / Laida A.Carro

FURTHER INFORMATION IN CUBA: Berta Soler +5352906820 / Belkis Cantillo + 5353790867

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The whereabouts of Cuban human rights activist Ivonne Malleza Galano are unknown after police detained her during a peaceful demonstration on 30 November in Cuba's capital, Havana City. Her husband, Ignacio Martínez Montejo, has also been detained after participating in the same protest.

On 30 November, Ivonne Malleza Galano, a member of the Ladies in Support (Damas de Apoyo) to the Ladies in White (Damas de Blanco), and her husband Ignacio Martínez Montejo were arrested by police officers while they were staging a peaceful demonstration against hunger and poverty and holding a banner with the slogan “Stop hunger, misery and poverty in Cuba” in Fraternity Park (Parque de la Fraternidad) in Havana City. Ivonne Malleza Galano was handcuffed and pushed into a police vehicle. Two police officers arrived, tried to confiscate the banner and detained her, along with Ignacio Martínez Montejo. Video footage posted on the internet shows Ivonne Malleza Galano being arrested by the police officers at Fraternity Park while the crowd gathered round her and asked the officers to let her go.

The whereabouts of Ivonne Malleza Galano are unknown and the authorities have not told her relatives whether she is still in police custody, whether she is facing charges, and where she is held. Ignacio Martinez Montejo is still being held at the Ninth Police Station (Novena Estación de la Policía) on Acosta Avenue, Diez de Octubre Municipality, in Havana City. It is not known if he has been charged with any offence.
Since the beginning of the year, the Cuban authorities have detained hundreds of people for short periods, to
prevent them from taking part in peaceful demonstrations.

Please write immediately in Spanish or your own language:
Calling on the authorities to immediately reveal the whereabouts of Ivonne Malleza Galano, and to ensure that she has immediate access to her family, lawyer and any medical assistance she might require;
Asking for details of any charges they face to be made public, and calling on the authorities to ensure that any legal proceedings against them conform to international fair trial standards;
Urging the authorities to remove unlawful restrictions on freedoms of expression, association and assembly in Cuba.
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Ivonne Malleza Galano is a member of the Ladies in Support (Damas de Apoyo) to the Ladies in White (Damas de Blanco). The Ladies in White (Damas de Blanco) are a group of female relatives of former prisoners of conscience and current political prisoners. They organizes peaceful marches where they distribute flowers and call for the release of those who are still detained. In 2005, the European Parliament awarded The Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to the Damas de Blanco.

The Damas de Apoyo emerged as a solidarity group who support and participate in activities organized by the Damas de Blanco. Members of the Damas de Blanco and Damas de Apoyo have repeatedly suffered harassment and intimidation during their
peaceful activities. On 5 August 2011, Ivonne Malleza Galano was detained by police officers and the security of the state trying to prevent her from leaving her home. Two police officers and two state security officers wearing plain clothes grabbed her and
forcibly pushed into a police car. She was released the same day without charges.
Names: Ivonne Malleza Galano, Ignacio Martínez Montejo
Gender: Ivonne Malleza Galano (f) Ignacio Martínez Montejo (m)
UA: 355/11 Index: AMR 25/006/2011 Issue Date: 9 December 2011
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8 de diciembre de 2011
Asunto: CubaTres defensores de los derechos humanos arrestados arbitrariamente con violencia e Ivonne Malleza Galano permanece detenida en incomunicación
El 30 de noviembre de 2011, las defensoras de los derechos humanos Ivonne Malleza Galano y Blanca Hernández fueron arrestadas de forma violenta al iniciar una manifestación pacífica en el Parque de la Fraternidad, en La Habana. Blanca Hernández fue liberada mientras que Ivonne Malleza Galano sigue detenida en incomunicación y en paradero desconocido. Ignacio Martínez Montejo, esposo de Ivonne Malleza Galano y también defensor de los derechos humanos, se encontraba filmando la manifestación cuando fue arrestado y su cámara de video confiscada. Actualmente se encuentra detenido en la comisaría de policía de Acosta en La Habana. Ivonne Malleza Galano y Blanca Hernández son miembros de la destacada organización de derechos humanos Damas de Blanco que trabaja por la liberación de los presos políticos en Cuba.
El 30 de noviembre de 2011, Ivonne Malleza Galano, Blanca Hernández y Mayra Morejón, también miembro de Damas de Blanco, se reunieron en el Parque de la Fraternidad y mostraron una pancarta en la que se leíaBasta ya de mentiras y de engaño al pueblo cubano. Cese el hambre, la miseria y la pobreza en Cuba. Dos agentes de policía llegaron al lugar de los hechos, confiscaron la pancarta y arrestaron a lvonne Malleza Galano y Blanca Hernández. Según se informa, algunos de los presentes que intentaban evitar el arresto fueron rociados con gas lacrimógeno. Ivonne Malleza Galano e Ignacio Martínez Montejo fueron golpeados violentamente.
Tras el arresto, Ivonne Malleza Galano, Blanca Hernández e Ignacio Martínez Montejo fueron llevados a la unidad policial de la calle Zanja, en el centro de La Habana. Horas más tarde, Blanca Hernández fue liberada e Ignacio Martínez Montejo trasferido a la unidad policial de Acosta. Ivonne Malleza Galano fue trasladada a un lugar desconocido. Desde su arresto, amigos y familiares han estado contactando distintas prisiones y comisarías en La Habana pidiendo información sobre su detención. Hasta la fecha el paradero de Ivonne Malleza Galano sigue siendo desconocido. En previas ocasiones, al ser detenida, Ivonne Malleza Galano ha rechazado alimentarse y beber. Ivonne Malleza Galano padece de anemia y tiene un tumor fibroso, además, testigos presenciales afirman haberla visto sangrar a consecuencia de los golpes recibidos durante el arresto. Dada la situación de incomunicación en la que Ivonne Malleza Galano se encuentra, se desconoce si ha recibido la atención médica necesaria.
Estos arrestos violentos forman parte de la represión continuada sobre defensores de los derechos humanos en Cuba, particularmente contra las Damas de Blanco. Durante los últimos meses, manifestantes pacíficos han sido golpeados y arrestados casi diariamente. Cabe destacar el ataque violento de las fuerzas de seguridad sobre aproximadamente 50 manifestantes en Palma Soriana el 2 de diciembre de 2011. Según informes recibidos, los manifestantes fueron duramente golpeados por las fuerzas de seguridad y posteriormente forzados a entrar en autobuses. Algunos de los arrestados siguen en detención, incluidos los defensores de los derechos humanos y ex presos políticos José Daniel Ferrer García y Ángel Moya Acosta.
En vista de los informes de agresiones físicas, Front Line manifiesta su profunda preocupación por la integridad física y psicológica y por la seguridad de los defensores de derechos humanos que permanecen en detención. Asimismo, Front Line manifiesta especial preocupación por la seguridad de Ivonne Malleza Galano, dado que se encuentra en situación de incomunicación, lo cual aumenta gravemente el riesgo de que sea sometida a tortura u otras formas de maltrato.
Front Line considera que el arresto de los defensores de los derechos humanos arriba mencionados es consecuencia directa de su trabajo legítimo en defensa de los derechos humanos, particularmente en relación a las manifestaciones pacíficas que iniciaron en el Parque de la Fraternidad. Front Line teme que pueda producirse una escalada en la represión contra los defensores de derechos humanos por parte de las autoridades cubanas en vísperas del Día de los Derechos Humanos, el 10 de diciembre.
Front Line urge a las autoridades cubanas a que:
  1. Revelen inmediatamente el paradero de la defensora de los derechos humanos Ivonne Malleza Galano, y procedan a su liberación y a la de todos los defensores de los derechos humanos que permanecen detenidos. Front Line considera que estas detenciones son consecuencia únicamente de su trabajo legítimo por los derechos humanos y de su reciente participación en manifestaciones pacíficas;
  2. Garanticen que el trato de todos los defensores de los derechos humanos en situación de detención esté de acuerdo con las condiciones de los Principios básicos para el tratamiento de los reclusos, adoptados por la Asamblea General, resolución 45/111, el 14 de diciembre de 1990 , incluyendo las relativas a la obligación de procurar atención médica para el tratamiento de heridas sufridas durante arrestos violentos;
  3. Cesen inmediatamente todos los ataques contra los miembros de Damas de Blanco y demás organizaciones de derechos humanos que participan en acciones pacíficas de protesta y les permitan ejercer su derecho legítimo de libertad de expresión y opinión, tal y como se establece en la legislación internacional;
  4. Tomen todas las medidas necesarias para garantizar la integridad física y psicológica y la seguridad de Ivonne Malleza Galano, así como de todos los defensores de los derechos humanos en Cuba;
  5. Garanticen en toda circunstancia que todos los defensores y defensoras de los derechos humanos es Cuba puedan llevar a cabo sus actividades legítimas de derechos humanos sin miedo a represalias y libres de toda restricción.

8 December 2011
Re: Cuba – Violent arbitrary arrest of three human rights defenders and incommunicado detention of Ms Ivonne Malleza Galano
On 30 November 2011, human rights defenders Ms Ivonne Malleza Galano and Ms Blanca Hernández were violently arrested for initiating a peaceful protest in Fraternity Park in Havana. Ivonne Malleza Galano is currently being held incommunicado and, as such, her whereabouts are unknown. Ivonne Malleza Galano's husband and fellow human rights defender, Mr Ignacio Martínez Montejo, was also arrested and is being held at the Acosta Police Station in Havana. He was filming the protest action on a video camera which was confiscated from him by police. Blanca Hernández was subsequently released. Ivonne Malleza Galano and Blanca Hernández are members of the prominent human rights organisation Damas de Blanco (Ladies in White), which advocates for the release of political prisoners in Cuba.
On 30 November 2011, Ivonne Malleza Galano, Blanca Hernández and Mayra Morejón, another member of Damas de Blanco, held up a sheet in Fraternity Park which read, “Basta ya de mentiras y de engaño al pueblo cubano. Cese el hambre, la miseria y la pobreza en Cuba” (Enough of the lies and of the deception of Cuban people. Stop hunger, misery and poverty in Cuba). Two police officers who arrived on the scene, confiscated the banner and arrested Ivonne Malleza Galano, Blanca Hernández and Ignacio Martínez Montejo. Some members of the public were reportedly pepper-sprayed when they attempted to prevent the arrest of the human rights defenders. It is reported that Ivonne Malleza Galano and Ignacio Martínez Montejo were violently beaten in the course of the arrest.
Following their arrest, Ivonne Malleza Galano, Blanca Hernández and Ignacio Martínez Montejo were taken to the police unit on Zanja Street, Central Havana. Hours later, Blanca Hernández was released and Ignacio Martínez Montejo was transferred to the Acosta police unit. Ivonne Malleza Galano was reportedly removed to an undisclosed location. Since her arrest, friends and family of Ivonne Malleza Galano have contacted the police stations and prisons in Havana seeking information regarding her detention, but to date her whereabouts are unknown. On previous occasions when she has been held in detention, she has refused to eat or take water. Of further concern is the fact that Ivonne Malleza Galano is anaemic and has a fibroid tumour and witnesses state that she was bleeding as a result of the beating she received during her arrest. As she is in incommunicado detention, it is unknown whether Ivonne Malleza Galano is receiving the required medical attention.
These violent arrests form part of an ongoing crackdown on human rights defenders in Cuba, particularly against the Damas de Blanco. In recent months, peaceful protesters have been beaten and arrested on an almost daily basis. Of particular note is the violent attack on approximately 50 protesters in Palma Soriana on 2 December 2011. According to reports, the protesters were heavily beaten by security forces, before being forced onto buses. A number of those arrested remain in detention, including human rights defenders and former political prisoners of conscience Messrs José Daniel Ferrer García and Ángel Moya Acosta.
Given the reports of beatings Front Line is gravely concerned for the physical and psychological integrity and security of those human rights defenders who remain in detention. Front Line is especially concerned for the security of Ivonne Malleza Galano considering that she is currently being held in incommunicado detention, which greatly increases the risk that she may be subjected to torture or other forms of ill-treatment.
Front Line believes that the arrests of the aforementioned human rights defenders are directly related to their legitimate work in defence of human rights, particularly with regard to the peaceful protest which they initiated in Fraternity Park. Front Line is concerned that there could be an escalation in the crackdown on human rights defenders by the Cuban authorities in advance of and around Human Rights Day on 10 December.
Front Line urges the authorities in Cuba to:
  1. Immediately disclose the whereabouts of human rights defender Ivonne Malleza Galano, and release her and all those human rights defenders who remain in detention as Front Line believes that they have been detained solely as a result of their legitimate human rights work and their involvement in recent peaceful protests;
  2. Ensure that the treatment of all human rights defenders, while in detention, adheres to all those conditions set out in the Body of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under Any Form of Detention or Imprisonment', adopted by UN General Assembly resolution 43/173 of 9 December 1988, including the provision of medical care for injuries sustained during their violent arrest;
  3. Immediately cease all attacks against members of Damas de Blanco and all other human rights organisations involved in peaceful protest actions, allowing them to exercise their legitimate right to freedom of opinion and expression as enshrined in international law;
  4. Take all necessary measures to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity and security of Ivonne Malleza Galano, as well as that of all human rights defenders in Cuba;
  5. Guarantee in all circumstances that all human rights defenders in Cuba are able to carry out their legitimate human rights activities without fear of reprisals and free of all restrictions.