Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CUBA: VIDEO/ Acts of torture against peaceful activists 12-2-2011

Testimony of HENRY PERALES ELIAS (27 years old), member of the pro-democracy group UMPACU, (Union Patriotica de Cuba)  who was one of about 50 human rights activists who were brutally beaten and arrested on December 2, and imprisoned for several days in inhumane conditions.
The peaceful activists were going to continue the National March for Freedom Zapata Boitel Vive! when paramilitary groups surrounded the home of Liudmila Rodriguez Palomo located at: Calle Crombet #204, entre avenida Libertad y Remus in the Eastern city Palma Soriano in the province of Santiago de Cuba, where they were gathered. As each activist came out marching with their hands behind their backs they were brutally beaten, many needing sutures, such as was the case of Henry Perales.
Recorded in Cuba by the independent journalist Roberto de Jesus Guerra:!
(8:53 min.)
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