Friday, August 26, 2011


Political Courage
August 24, 2011 3:08 P.M.
By Jay Nordlinger    

Here in America, we talk a fair amount about “political courage.” We use the phrase, for example, when we talk about a presidential candidate who opposes ethanol subsidies. The media are always praising those who support tax hikes for having “political courage.”

I had occasion to think about the meaning of this phrase when looking at a video found here. It shows four Cuban women who are protesting at the capitol in Havana. They’re chanting “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!” and “Long live Free Cuba!”

Apparently, the current whereabouts of these women are unknown. I’ll bet. Spare a thought for Sara, Tania, Odalys, and Mercedes.

P.S. Tania (Maldonado Santos) may well be named for Tania the Guerrilla, that terrible old German Communist who practiced her arts alongside the world’s pin-up, Che Guevara.

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