Monday, September 19, 2011

CUBA: Harrassment, intimidation and arbitrary arrests of human rights defenders



Ex-political prisoners of conscience who were recently released a few months ago, Angel Moya and Librado Linares, continue under arrest since this past Thursday, September 15. Moya was previously arrested on Friday, Sept. 9 and released Monday Sept. 12. Guillermo Farinas was also detained with Moya in Santa Clara, and released the same day on Thursday, Sept. 15, as dozens of activists were also arrested throughout Cuba. Around 12 activists remain detained. The whereabouts of several are unknown.

The Cuban regimen is carrying out a crack down on human rights activists throughout the island to prevent their "National March for Freedom, Boitel Zapata Live", a civic organized march uniting many groups of the peaceful Cuban resistance. The march, which makes specific demands of fundamental freedoms for the people of Cuba, was to start from Eastern Cuba on Sept. 8, 2011, and due to the Cuban regime's repressive violence, eventually took off on Sept. 12. from Guantanamo. As the activists peacefully proceed forward walking from the East to the West of the island, with new marchers taking over in each province, Cuban authorities have thwarted their pilgrimage with violent arrests, intimidations and harassment. The activists vow that they will continue walking the streets of Cuba in spite of the brutal violence that Cuban authorities are subjecting them to.

The Cuban regime is using short term arbitrary detentions to intimidate and harass human rights defenders, accusing them of "public disorder", trying to stay clear of incarcerations that would elevate the numbers of Cuban prisoners of conscience.

This Sunday, September 19, The Ladies in White were harassed once more in Eastern Cuba by State Security agents, following their attendance to hear mass, at the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba.

The Coalition of Cuban-American Women denounces and makes an urgent appeal before international public opinion concerning the escalation of brutal and aggressive acts by the Cuban government against a Cuban civil society that is peacefully demanding fundamental rights in the island. The lives of these Cubans are in danger and we hold Cuban authorities responsible for their physical and mental well-being.


Coalition of Cuban-American Women-  / Laida A. Carro

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